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Food and Culture Park

Food and Culture Park

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Want to taste Jakarta’s culinary while shopping for souvenirs? You should visit Lenggang Jakarta! This public space is a culinary center as well as a culture park of Jakarta which also located at the icon of Jakarta, Monas. This area is the local government’s effort to take care of the street food sellers in Monas. So, they make Lenggang Jakarta where the sellers can grow into an independent enterprise.

Precisely, Lenggang Jakarta is located near the IRTI parking spot in Monas. There are approximately 300 sellers here, starting from culinary to souvenirs such as T-shirt and knick-knacks about Jakarta. The culinary dishes that you can try here are ketoprak (glutinous rice with vermicelli and peanut sauce), gado-gado (boiled vegetables with peanut sauce), soto Betawi (beef soup with coconut milk), and many more! The price is also affordable starting from Rp15.000,- until Rp40.000,-. For the payment here is using e-money from Mandiri Bank so you don’t have to pay out in cash. Simple, right?


Monumen Nasional Jakarta, Jakarta Pusat, Indonesia



Operational Hours

08.00 - 22.00