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Less Painful Wax with Sugarush Lash and Waxing

Less Painful Wax with Sugarush Lash and Waxing

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Specifically for waxing and eyelash extension, Sugarush is popular among beauty enthusiasts. Along with the strategic location, Sugarush Lash and Waxing designed in charming ways to indulge any customers. Do not forget to bring your camera, there is a lot of Instagramable spots make your Instagram feeds more appealing.

Located in Senopati area, nearby One Wolter Place building, at Jl. Wolter Monginsidi No. 63B, South Jakarta, Sugarush offering wide range of waxing treatments, such as arm, leg to the Brazilian wax with affordable prices.

Sugarush gives priority to their services, not surprisingly, each of treatment rooms look clean and comfortable. Tools cleanliness and therapist considered as well. They always wash their hands before doing treatments and using gloves to wax intimate areas.

That is why, pad you use while waxing covered with disposable mattress. It applies for wax strips, spatula, towel and head sheets. They apply a strict rule of using fresh disposable wax strips and new applicator (spatula) for each customers, you can be sure the cleanliness. Sugarush offering painless waxing use ‘magical’ wax strips. Sugarush using fabric cotton wax strips for each waxing treatments.  

Its waxing process quite fast, start with clean up body part you want to be hair free and sprinkle a bit of baby powder. Next, spread caramel wax and use small strip to get rid the unwanted hair. Last, to make sure the unwanted hair is gone, that body part will be clean with hot towel and lotion.  

Considering its strategic location, Sugarush provide you reasonably priced treatments, starts from Rp40.000 to get rid unwanted hair on your chin and upper lips to Rp750.000 for painless full body waxing.

After waxing treatment, you can also try their lash extension while consultation with therapist. Before choose your style lash, therapist will examine how thick and long your eyelashes to find perfect style suit eyes shape. Curl and more volume eyelashes starts from Rp650.000 – Rp850.000.



Jl. Wolter Monginsidi No. 63B, Kebayoran Baru, Jakarta Selatan

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