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Join This Community to Preserve Kebaya

By Eskanisa R

09 Aug 2019

Join Komunitas Perempuan Berkebaya to preserve kebaya.

Komunitas Perempuan Berkebaya has been echoing their passion to returning kebaya (Javanese long-sleeved blouses and dresses) and sarong since 2014. Through Selasa Berkebaya (women wearing kebaya every Tuesday) movement, this community invites women to preserve as well as make kebaya better known for young people.

Besides that, Komunitas Perempuan Berkebaya hopes people will realize the importance of wearing kebaya on daily basis. People can wear kebaya with other Indonesian traditional fabrics such as tenun (handwoven textiles), ikat (dyeing cloth), songket (woven textile made of silk or cotton) and so forth for any occasions.

From the very beginning, Komunitas Perempuan Berkebaya has developed in other cities such as Bandung, Jogja and Bali. While joining this one you can also learn about culture, history and empowerment through exciting activities including workshop and regular discussion. Until now, Komunitas Perempuan Berkebaya fight for the aspiration of make National Day of Kebaya to the Ministry of Education and Culture. Are you interested to join with them?

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