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Let’s Have Fun at Blowfish!

Let’s Have Fun at Blowfish!

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Spending time with friends or partner is surely fun. Especially while listening to the music that sways your body to the rhythm. Sounds fun, right? Talking about night entertainment is a never-ending one. There is one of the coolest clubs in South Jakarta named Blowfish. The club is one of the favorites for young people. But you need to dress up to get into this place.

Inside you can enjoy the music from famous and professional DJs and enjoy alcohol beverages such as cocktails and liquors. You can feel the classy, chill, hipster, and lively ambience they give. The club is suitable for lovers of house, chill out, classic house, and commercial anthems music genre. Blowfish also hosts cool events that invite well-known international DJs such as Martin Garrix. If you don’t know where to go this weekend, come to this venue! Or check their Instagram and Twitter accounts below for latest updates. Have fun!


Wisma Mulia, Lantai Dasar,


+6221 52971234

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9:00 PM