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Let’s Join and Have a Good Ride with Komunitas Sepeda Kemayoran Jakarta

By Eskanisa R

14 February 2020

Let’s join and have a good ride with Komunitas Sepeda Kemayoran Jakarta.

Even there are a lot of bike communities in Jakarta, this kind of environment friendly transportation is still underestimated by a lot of people. That is why this community, Komunitas Sepeda Kemayoran Jakarta (KSKJ) always voicing their intentions to use bike in daily activities as an easy and simple way to keep both body and environment healthy.

Member of KSKJ not only riding while meet up with other members but also while working even going to mall. That is why, KSKJ invites people to enjoy riding with their favorite bikes. This can be simply seen through their riding schedule which almost hold for a long week, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday start from 5.30pm and taking approximately 4 kilometers.

Click here to join with Komunitas Sepeda Kemayoran Jakarta and check their available schedule to next riding!



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