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Let’s Rollin’ with This Quad Skate Community

By Eskanisa R

17 January 2020

Sunset Roller Date, quad skate community in Jakarta.

Quad skate is back! There is unique community called Sunset Roller Date ready to bring the memories of quad skate back. Intan Anggita as the initiator of this community has great hobby playing four-wheeled skate then decided to establish open community in early July 2019 for anyone who like play quad skate.

Intan met with a roller skate trainer (instructor) at Moja Museum. Since then, community she made began to explore the technique of skate using four-wheeled skate. Name of Sunset Roller Date was inspired by a band in Taiwan called Sunset Roller Coaster. My Jinji became her favorite song while skating. Intan also provides knowledge about benefits of exercising with four-wheeled skate such as burning calories (an hour playing roller skates helps burn 450 calories), tightening inner thigh muscles, and keep your body in good health and shape.

Sunset Roller Date rolling in several locations in Jakarta and surroundings which have flat road such as Gelora Bung Karno, Scientia Park (Serpong), Lapangan Banteng and Qbig BSD City.

You don’t have the gear? You can search for hashtag #quadskateindonesia and choose perfect one suits your budget. It commonly costs for Rp350.000 to tens of millions rupiah for professionals ones. Click here if you are interested join with Roller Skate Date!

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