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Lifecare Taxi, Transportation for People with Special Needs

By Eskanisa R

26 December 2019

Lifecare Taxi, Transportation for People with Special Needs

For users of public transportations, you might be familiar with name of Blue Bird. This one of public transportation providers in Jakarta which was established in 1972 provides accessibility for people with disabilities to easily, safely yet comfortably travel around.

Through Lifecare Taxi service, Blue Bird serve people with disabilities in Jakarta. Lifecare Taxi has distinguish feature conventional taxis do not have, Power Slide Up Seat. It is an electric seat drive to bring seat closer to passengers with special needs such as whellchair users, pregnant women or old people.

Even it is considering as special taxi, Lifecare Taxi charge normal rate which can be paid using several methods, such as cash, vouchers, and debit/credit cards (visa master). This taxi can be found at several registered hospitals or hotels which have Blue Bird bases or you can simply call 021 – 79171234 (24-hour) for reservation.

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