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Light Me Up Enjoying Concert with Beautiful Lights

Light Me Up Enjoying Concert with Beautiful Lights


After helping you to shop or get taxi, your smartphone can now also help you to enjoy a concert. An Indonesian start-up creates Light Me Up, which is a mobile app that can listen to music and produce colorful lights on the LCD.

If you use it with a lot of phones, this app can give entertaining visual effect to complete a live music. This trend may substitute glow sticks, neon band, or lighters. The making of this app is based on the view of people who always look for a new idea, gimmick, and fresh program for entertainment purposes.

Besides Light Me Up, Razelab as its developer also creates apps for musician and event organizer to do synchronization. So when the concert starts, people can just open apps without setting anything, and the lightings from the LCD will live up the concert.

If more people use it together at the same time, it will be more beautiful for the effects they produce. Razelab also cooperates with some bands in Bandung, and plans to cooperate with others in other towns.