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Light Workouts during Ramadan

By Eskanisa R

05 May 2020

Light workouts while your stomach empty (fasting).

In order to remain healthy during Ramadan, people keeping active and do light workouts to keep themselves fit. So, here are best light workouts recommendation during fasting.

1. Yoga

Exercise during fasting is often beneficial, hence do not overdo it as you could make yourself unwell instead of fit and healthy. While you need to perform workouts well on an empty stomach, it is highly recommended to do the light (workouts) ones like yoga. Yoga combines strengthening and stretching poses with deep breathing. Some (poses) are gentle and relaxing, others are fast-paced and intense. Besides help you to burn calories, yoga may help reduce stress, improving good mood as well as quality of sleep.

2. Walking

Second light workouts you surely can do while fasting is walking. Walking for at least 15 minutes before Iftar has good benefits for your health including strengthening muscles and bones (joints), improving heart rate and immune system, lowering blood sugar level which caused sleepy soon after eating. Do not forget to wear your mask while walking around your home.

3. Cycling

Moderate intensity cycling exercise also ideal choice to keep you fit and healthy during fasting. 30 minutes cycling before Iftar is good to reduce risk of heart and high blood pressure. Cycling also help those who have acute insomnia get back their normal biological body clock (a circadian rhythm). Make sure to always do some stretching before workouts and have your mask on while leaving the home!



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