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Lin Artisan Ice Cream

Spectr News Theme Rachelle Kandou
24, November 2015

For you who are an ice cream fan, trying this gelato ice cream in Kemang is a must. Why? Because Lin Ice Cream Artisan has not only various menus of ice cream but it also comes with an interesting packaging as well. There are Milo Dinosaur with Milo Dino Topping, the Salty Caramel with Kraffel biscuits, and Pure Creamy Hazelnut with Crunchy Choco Wafer will spoil your taste bud.

The unique thing about this café is when you get inside you can immediately see the kitchen. The costumers can see when their orders are being processed. It’s fun, right? And you may be amazed when they make the ice cream, because there is fog coming out from the machine. It’s because Lin Artisan uses liquid nitrogen to freeze the raw materials of the ice cream.


Sumber foto: Instagram (@linicecream).

In here, you can enjoy not just ice cream. There are other menus you can try as well, such as Noodle Burger with BBQ Sauce, Black Bun Burger, and Breaded Fresh Calamari with Homemade Tar Tar Sauce. And they tasted delicious! To enjoy the menus here, the price ranges from Rp 50.000 to Rp 100.000 per person for food and drink. Curious? Go and check it out! Visit this hip place with your friends or family.

Rachelle Kandou
Rachelle Kandou