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Lists of Car Maintenance & Servicing at Home

By Eskanisa R

29 June 2020

Home car services to keep your car running at peak performances.

Photo source: Pixabay

Due to COVID-19 pandemic, how do you do regular maintenance and servicing? In spite of the fact to stay at home right until now, it does not mean you have to skip your regular service to ensure your car at its finest performance. 
It is fortunate that some manufacturers and trademark holders provide car maintenance and servicing you that can be done at your home as listed down below.

1. PT. Honda Prospect Motor (HPM)
Provides home service, pick up service, and Honda experience, Honda ensures your car in top condition. The home service maintenance are including replacing batteries, ACCU, wipers, rubber also 1,000 km service.
Meanwhile, pick up service is intended for car which need periodic maintenance at 40,000, 60,000, and 80,000 km. Then, those who need emergency assistance can use Honda experience which including tire replacement, refuelling, towing assistance and ACCU activation. Please contact Honda team at 0-800-14-46632 on Monday – Friday at 8 am – 5.30 pm to find out more about the excellent services.

Despite the fact that FORD was officially leaving Indonesian automotive market since 2016, FORD chose RMA Indonesia as an official distributor for services. Amidst of effort to prevent spread of COVID-19, RMA Indonesia through their official dealers in Indonesia offering car maintenance and periodic service at home (minor repairs only). Please contact their team at 0807-1-90-9000 / 0817-173-673.

3. Toyota
Toyota has 13 unit motorcycles and 55 unit cars ready to give home services through program Toyota Mobile Service (TMS). For further information about their kind of maintenance and service, you can contact Halo Toyota at 021-1500315.

4. Suzuki
Suzuki provides car servicing at home as routine maintaining. Please contact Suzuki team at 080001100800 to use their service. Also, it is highly recommended to book a reservation for one or two days before service time.

5. Daihatsu
To fix some minor damage on your car including oil changer, batteries, tune ups and periodic maintenance, Daihatsu recommends to book a reservation of Daihatsu Mobile Service (DMS) online at or hotline number 1500898.

6. Mitsubishi
Through 24/7 call center at 0804-1300-300, Mitsubishi provides home services for multiple periodic maintenance of 10,000 km.

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