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Local Fashion Brand Go Global

By Eskanisa R

02 May 2019

This Is April, local fashion brand with good quality.

Nowadays, This Is April became one of successful local fashion brands popular among fashion enthusiasts in Indonesia. It is simply because they offer fast fashion which comfortable to wear whole day and easy to mix and match with your favorite accessories.


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This Is April is a web based store has been established since 2012. Until now, there are at least 50 outlets you can visit in Indonesia. Offering a concept of everyday wear, there are also various color selections, pastel colors, basic colors like black and white also bright colors, like mustard and terracotta.


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It also applies to model, most of them are loose shape, so everybody, young, adults even people with hijab can wear their collections. Starts from Rp209.000 to Rp399.000 you can wear one of their best collections. This Is April also has a collection of quality bags, shoes, accessories and cosmetics to complete your look.


This Is April
Kota Kasablanka, Lantai 1 #129

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Phone: 087784446151