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Lose Belly Fat with Kamaratih Acupuncture

Lose Belly Fat with Kamaratih Acupuncture

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Fat belly stressing some people, they often use many ways to get rid the fat off, like xercise, strict diet till liposuction. But, those hard ways only last sometime. Now, you can lose belly fat with the easiest way, acupuncture. 

Kamaratih, needleless acupuncture helps to tackling a bulging stomach line for 4 – 30 cm during the 30 minutes therapy. But, the result depends on each person, surprisingly this slimming method is safe without side effects.

Located in Pejaten area, South Jakarta, Kamaratih apply natural process, while inner body channelling some body’s acupuncture points, like ears, stomach and back. First thing first, measuring waist and stomach lines, then stepping on the scale.

Next to the first step, they use herbal oil at certain points on the body, like stomach and back to lose some fat. Massage starts from your waistline, stomach and back. They also apply a different massage technique. Experienced therapists do the twist movement at the three main spot to lose more fat.

Especially at the stomach, therapists make it feels like electricity and the last process involves therapists finger on crucial points around stomach, back and ears that effective to supress appetite.

It can be applied at arms as well as thighs. Kamaratih needleless acupuncture also works as detoxification, control high blood pressure, boost immune system also stimulate peristaltic motion. Do it at least once a week for the best result balance with healthy lifestyle. Treatment starts from Rp300.000,-.



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021-7805739 / 081584795311

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