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Lost Track of Time at Mr. Fox

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28, February 2019

Another bar livening up the district of SCBD, Mr. Fox. Located right beside the entrance of Energy Building, this establishment from Ismaya Group is elusive to the eyes, just like the animal that it takes its name from. But thanks to the establishment’s hideaway quality, it has swiftly turned into a popular spot among office professionals and stylish crowd.

Mr. Fox’s home is warm yet eclectic. He greets guests with amazing recipes of his delicious food-fare and ethereal cocktail concoctions at his humble home. Last year, Mr. Fox is honored with Jakarta’s Best Eats Award 2018 for Top Upmarket Venue. Congratulations!

Mr. Fox works with the talented Chef Vebrina Hadi to produce delightful dishes that encompass a wide range of flavors. From healthy breakfast selections to adventurous dinner, Mr. Fox encourages you to explore the menu to discover what you adore.

Photo Source: @hello.mrfox

And with the help of award-winning mixologist, Albert Yacob, they ensure that every sip intrigues. He will most likely to recommend Madame St. Germain which is popular among the ladies, Francois “Frankie” Fox and Captain Cori. Other suggestion, park yourself by the bar seat and watch bartender concocts the cocktail right in front of you.

If privacy is what you’re looking for, then head further into the den where the private room lies. The latter is a hideaway bunker that cuts you off completely from the outside world. It’s easy to lose track of time here, especially with the company of your squad, good food and fab cocktails.


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Isny Dewi R.
Isny Dewi R.