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Lots of Instagramable Photo Spots at Taman Potret

By Isny Dewi R

04 October 2019

Taman Potret is a cheap alternative tourist attraction in Tangerang for family with a variety of photo spots and snacks in it.

Where are you going this weekend? Have no plans yet? What about visiting Taman Potret Tangerang? At this park there are many spots that can satisfy selfie and OOTD photo lovers. Taman Potret is also an alternative to affordable family tourist attraction in Tangerang.

In the Cikokol area, Tangerang, there are several city parks that are built on three-way intersection and the locations are facing each other. So, if you are satisfied visiting one park, you only need to walk to visit another park. Taman Potret itself is a thematic park containing Instagramable photo spots.

Photo Source: Instagram @tangerangkota

Visitors' favorite photo spots at this park including dancing female statue, pinisi replica, hippopotamus statue, I Love TNG symbol, and many more. The atmosphere at Taman Potret is also very beautiful with trees and various flower plants that make the park become shady and beautiful.

The Green Open Space, which was inaugurated in 2015, is located at Jalan Jenderal Sudirman, Cikokol, right next to TangCity mall. In addition to taking photos, here you can also spoil your tongue with a wide option of delicious culinary delights that you can find in Pasar Jajanan Taman Potret. It’s more interesting because at this park also provided free Wi-Fi. Let's come to Taman Potret this weekend!


Top Photo Source: Instagram @tangerangkota

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Taman Potret
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