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Lots of Interesting Things at Festival Flona 2019

By Isny Dewi R

09 September 2019

Festival Flona 2019 will last for one month, from 6 September to 7 October.

Jakarta Forestry Service again hold a Flora and Fauna Festival (Flona) which began on Friday (6/9/2019) at Lapangan Banteng in Central Jakarta. This festival will last for one month, from 6 September to 7 October. Festival Flona 2019 carries the theme "Ruang Hijau Jakartaku" (My Jakartan Green Space). The theme was taken as part of realizing the DKI Jakarta Provincial Government's motto, "Jakarta's New Face".

The event is an interaction arena between flora and fauna lovers with various activities or exhibitions in it relating to nature, environment, and concern for flora and fauna.

In line with the theme, the Forestry Service along with the Forestry Parts in five cities and Thousand Islands Regency displayed their best booths which are packaged in an interesting and innovative way. The concepts they bring are vertical garden and rain garden with interesting techniques. In addition, there is also a community space that is presented as a form of collaboration with people to showcase their innovations and creativity such as workshops and art installations.

Photo Source: Check In Jakarta doc.

There are a total of 208 tenants enlivening this festival which consists of ornamental plants, fruit plants, food and beverages, pets, medicinal plants, and others. Flona 2019 also showing best products from cooperatives, MSMEs and various companies in Jakarta and throughout Indonesia.

The plants are also encouraged on the types of air pollution reducing plants, such as, bougenvillea spectabilis, sansiviera, and yellow dadap or ertytrina variegate. These plants have a high capacity to absorb gas pollutants. The holding of Flona Jakarta 2019 is indeed part of the action to realize the Governor's Instruction Number 66 2019 about Air Quality Control.

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