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Love of Skateboarding? Join with Senayan Skateboarders

By Eskanisa R

04 October 2019

Love of Skateboarding? Join Senayan Skateboarders!

Lately, skateboarding becomes a trend, again, even they chose to be competed at the Asian Games 2018. In Jakarta, there is a lot of skateboarding communities like Senayan Skateboarders as a home for skateboarding enthusiasts.

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Founded in 1994, Senayan Skateboarders is one of the first skateboarding groups in Jakarta. Name of Senayan Skateboarders itself taken from first location where they starting skateboarding, Gelora Bung Karno Sports Complex (GBK). Though this community was banned from playing at GBK for some reasons include infrastructure, along the way they can play legally.


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Senayan Skateboarders has at least 30 people, students, uni students, employees, people who love skateboarding can join with them for free. Member of Senayan Skateboarders meet twice a week, starts from 6pm, Tuesday at BSD Xtreme Park and Thursday at Pintu 3 Stadium GBK. 

If you find yourself interested to join with them, you can come to one of those places, either BSD or GBK, bring your skate board and play together!

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Senayan Skateboarders
Titik kumpul: Pintu 3 Stadion GBK

Open Hours:

Kamis, 18.00 WIB