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Lovely Hangout Place at Bintaro

By Rachelle Kandou

11 July 2017

Warung Kemuning located at Bintaro. It serves homemade Indonesian cook and also comfy place for hangout.

Bintaro has offer you a bunch of culinary options. You can enjoy many meals start from cheap price until expensive one here. If you are looking for a hangout place to enjoy homemade cook with affordable price, Warung Kemuning is a one place that you should go.

Located in Jalan Gapura Menteng, Bintaro sector 5, you will find harmonious place in the remote areas. Far away from hustle and bustle of the road, Warung Kemuning offering zen atmosfphere which is suit for you who want to do remote working, or just to hangout with closest friends. 

You can see a fishpond which is in the middle of the restaurant when entering this place. By hearing the sound of the water flow fall to the pond, every vistors will get relax and enjoying the food with homy atmosphere. You can choose to seat outdoor near by the fishpond. You can also choose to seat indoor facing the pond, or if you want to feel more private you can seat on the second floor.

There are many options of Indonesian food to fill your stomach. If you like spicy food, you can order Nasi Ayama Ijo + Kerupuk. This dish is a green chili chicken rice served with jasmine rice and creakers. The spicyness will make you freshen up and addicted. 

Besides that, there are also other menu options  such as: nasi goreng ijo (green chili fried rice), nasi jambal ijo (rice with green chili salted fish), nasi iga bakar (rice with grilled ribs), fried /stew noodle special WK, and many more. While the vegetables menu offering you kangkung plecing, stir genjer, stir papaya leaves, and as for the side dishes you can order Tahu Cobek and Tempe Penyet.

If you just want to have a snack, Warung Kemuning also serves snacks menu like sandwich, and toast. As for the desserts you should try Oreo Ice Cream, Mix Fruit Ice Cream, and Pancake Ice Cream are nice for the sweet desserts.  

Once you come here, you will always come back again because it feels homy and comfortable. Well, do you know when will you visit Warung Kemuning? 


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Warung Kemuning
Jl. Gapura Menteng No. 99, Bintaro Sektor 5, Tangerang Selatan, Indonesia

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Phone: +62217343168