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Really Tasty Traditional Dish

Really Tasty Traditional Dish

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If you want to enjoy a very traditional Indonesian dish, Lumpang Emas is the right place to dine in. You can try their traditional menus, like the restaurant’s legendary Nasi Campur Daun Jeruk. It is steamed-rice served with orange leaves, grilled chicken, balado egg, papaya flower vegetable, fried onion chicken skin, and onion chili condiment. It is fresh and addictive. The other menus that you must try are Nasi Sampang Pamekasan and Nasi Kampar Pamekasan. Nasi Sampang Pamekasan is white rice served with sweet èmpal (marinated fried beef), sweet and sour paru (cow’s lung), balado chili potato, serundeng (dried and grated coconut cooked with herbs), salty egg, fresh vegetables and tèrasi chili condiment. While Nasi Kampar Pamekasan is brown rice served with sweet èmpal, balado egg, sweet and sour paru, green chili cakalang (skipjack fish), fresh vegetables, and onion chili condiment. Hmmm!

Besides that, there are other menus such as Cakalang Mercon, Lidah Cabe Hijau, and Jamur Cah Telur that has special and unique taste. They have various steamed rice selections you can choose from: white rice with orange leaf, white rice, brown rice, coconut milk rice, and mushroom grilled rice. For the beverages, order the refreshing Es Rosela or Es Kelapa Jeruk to accompany your meals. So instead of just imagining the food, it’s better to go to Lumpang Emas at Kemang or Panglima Polim area.


Jl. Panglima Polim IX no. 22, Kebayoran Baru, Jakarta Selatan, Indonesia.


+6221 93843332

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11.00-20.00 WIB