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Fine Dining
Fine Dining

Lunch with Special Cuisines from SATOO

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12, August 2019

Where will you like to have lunch today? Instead of being confused, what if you taste special culinary experience offered by one of fine dining restaurants at Shangri-La Hotel Jakarta, SATOO? What is so interesting about this restaurant? Read our short review below!

SATOO offers the culinary exploration of Asian and international cuisines. Twelve interactive open kitchen stations offer Indian, Western, Chinese, Indonesian, salad, sushi, sashimi, barbecue, noodles, pasta, desserts, fruits to jamu (traditional Indonesian herbal concoctions).

We can say, SATOO maybe the most favorite restaurant in Shangri-La Jakarta. The dining area quite big so you will not feel too crowded even the place is almost full. One of the most favorited parts at this restaurant is Jamu with the traditional “jamu gendong” way to serve it.  Mrs. Ngatinem is the person behind SATOO's jamu gendong. She is ready to serve you =e from the first SATOO open its door. She also ready to take your request for any good drinks you want.

Photo Source: @shangrilajkt

Another interesting thing is that SATOO is currently holding a Singapore Food Festival. You can enjoy a range of delectable Singaporean cuisines, exclusively created by the passionate SATOO culinary team. Or spoil your tongue with the taste of Betawinese signature dishes. Other than that, SATOO also offers buffet that you should try with your coworkers.


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Isny Dewi R.
Isny Dewi R.