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M Bloc Space, New Creative Space for Urban Youth

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30, October 2019

Lately there is something different when crossing Sisingamangaraja Street in Blok M area, South Jakarta. Rows of old houses that used to look quiet and unkempt, are now more lively and filled with young Jakartans. The vintage-style houses with 1950s tropical architecture were formerly official houses owned by Perum Peruri.

The houses now have been turned into a new creative hub called M Bloc Space, which is worth visiting by creative urban youth. Many young Jakartans are passing by with fashionable appearances. Of course they will not miss the opportunity to take pictures here.

One of M Bloc Space residents is Tokyo Skipjack, which recently opened. Every weekend, this place is almost always full of young people who want to dance or just enjoy a Japanese-style steak. Besides Tokyo Skipjack, there are also Unionwell, Kedai Tjikini, Roastman, Mbok Ndoro, Temu, Chickro, Oeang, Connectoon, Demajors, Beyoutiful, Padang to go, Suwe Ora Jamu, and Kebunide.

Photo Source: Instagram @darisarch

M Bloc Space itself is a creative space for young people who was just inaugurated last September. This creative space comes thanks to the collaboration between Perum Peruri and PT Ruang Millenial. In the living room of M Bloc, there is an outdoor concept building. This area is a gathering point for young people that can be used for public discussion. A number of murals seem to adorn the walls in ruang tengah.

Inside the M Bloc Space there is also a music stage. Later, this area will be a forum for musicians to perform. Noted, Indonesia's top musicians such as Glenn Fredly, Tompi, Mocca, and ST Loco have performed here at the inauguration of M Bloc Space.

Photo Source: Instagram @darisarch

The location of M Bloc is right before Blok M Terminal. If you use MRT Jakarta, you can get off at Blok M BCA MRT Station or if you use Transjakarta, you can get off at Blok M bus stop, then continue by walking. It is better to come to this creative hub using public transportation, because M Bloc Space haven’t providing parking area yet.

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Top Photo Source: Instagram @darisarch

Isny Dewi R.
Isny Dewi R.