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Exotic, Beautiful, and Environmental Friendly

Exotic, Beautiful, and Environmental Friendly


Thousand Islands is a favorite holiday destination for locals. The islands is are still in Jakarta area. Each island has their own beauty and many interesting attractions for travelers. But, there is one island that is a must-visit.

Yup, Macan Island (Macan: tiger) is known for its exotic nature beauty. Besides that, this island has an eco-friendly resort. Macan Island also limits the guests who want to visit there. You can enjoy luxurious facilities here. This island consists of two islands, they are Macan Besar and Macan Kecil. In Macan Besar Island, you can find a resort which combines eco-friendly concept with modern technology. This resort is called Tiger Islands Village & Eco Resort. The modern technology is applied on the renewable energy, waste management system, organic garden where you can find food with organic and fresh ingredients here, composting, rain water harvesting, and also developing other eco-friendly system. Meanwhile, Macan Kecil Island is left unpopulated and untouched. Usually, travelers who came here do some water sports such as snorkeling, diving, and canoeing.

Tiger Islands Village & Eco Resort offers 6 room types, which are Sunset Hut/Coral Hut, Island Hut/Zen Hut, Drift Wood Hut, Tropical Forest and Bamboo, Red Brick East and West, and Eco Cabin East and West. But the most popular one is Sunset Hut. This room is facing west, where you can enjoy a beautiful sunset view from your room. The room price in this resort depends on your chosen room type. Usually on weekends, the price is more expensive than weekdays. To reach this island, you can depart from Marina Ancol from Dermaga 6. The travel time could reach 90 minutes. If you want a package that includes resort and transportation fee, you can visit these websites to get best deal:

So, do you want to get away from Jakarta’s hectic situation and recharge your mind? Let’s do your weekend getaway to Macan Island!