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Majapahit Lounges with 4 Different Special Lounges

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14, March 2019

Located in one of the best 5-star hotels in Jakarta, The Dharmawangsa Jakarta, Majapahit Lounges featuring a magnificent 14th century Javanese temple. Bathed in natural light, there are four majestic lounges you can choose according to your needs.

You can choose The Tea Lounge if you want to enjoying a leisurely afternoon tea. Here, you will find hang contemporary paintings by Pras W., a living Jakarta artist. Those portrays various social scenes and depict human relationships from various angles.

For those cocktail lovers, you can choose to retire at The Caviar Lounge. On the wall behind the banquette seating are 25 glass boxes containing jewellery, mainly from various region of Sumatra. Those are the sort of gifts a proud Sumatran prince would have given to his bride, a Majapahit princess.

While Library Lounge is a Majapahit's soothing lounge, bathed in natural light. The woodwork and cabinetry are designed with Majapahit architecture in mind, being supported by delicate carved wooden flowers. The seating platforms is inspired as depicted in several bas-relief panels of Borobudur Temple.

Photo Source: @thedharmawangsa

Majapahit Lounge is renowned for its best Chocolate Martini in town. You can try it at The Bar. Starting with a generous dollop of chocolate, finely grated and melted to creamy consistency, dipped and cooled along the rim of perfectly chilled glass. Then the crowning touch premium vodka poured into the cocktail shaker filled with ice, stirred gently and garnished with a Hershey’s chocolate.

Also don’t miss to try Majapahit’s Indonesian-inspired signature cocktail, Wedang Martini. A brave mixture of Wedang (Javanese ginger drink), vodka, coconut rum, and palm sugar syrup, makes a perfect concoction for the weekend.


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Isny Dewi R.
Isny Dewi R.