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Latest Product from Jotun

Latest Product from Jotun



When painting the interior walls in your house, the stinging chemical odor from the paint is irritating you to be inside the room. But you won’t find it if you use the Majestic Perfect Beauty & Care, the latest product from Jotun that launches on March 17, 2016.

The event that holds in Fairmont Hotel Jakarta is introducing the premium paint from Jotun with low emission level and odor level so it is safe for your family, especially if you have little children. It is the same with the actress Titi Kamal who shares her experience using Majestic Perfect Beauty & Care from Jotun. 

Titi paid attention to her family with small children so she chose to use the paint with low emission to avoid health risks.

Brand Development of Jotun Indonesia, Zenitha Fitriati, explained that if there is any hairline cracks on your wall, you could cover it only with two layers of Majestic Perfect Beauty & Care from Jotun because the product has a “superb flow” to cover it.

With the Exclusive TrueColor technology from Jotun, the paint quality is not to doubt because the color is accurate, consistent, durable, and can easily washed from stains.

Sales Manager of Jotun Indonesia, Victor Taslim, also explained that Jotun makes it easy for you who want to have a more specific color from the tens of thousands of colors they provide. You can adjust and customize the colors according to your taste.

And you don’t have to worry for color difference because Jotun guarantees the colors on the color card and the applied one will be 100% the same. So if you care about your house and health, it is time to go for Majestic Perfect Beauty & Care from Jotun!


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