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Make Salary and THR Last Longer After Lebaran

By Eskanisa R

14 June 2019

Simple ways make salary last longer.

After Eid holiday, people struggling to save their last money until next payday. Here are the answer to make your salary and THR (holiday allowance) last longer until the next payday comes.

1. Make Your Own Lunch

One of simple things make your money didn’t last longer is blowing so much of your budget on food. You can save some money if you bring your own lunch. Make simple menu, choose nutrient-rich foods ones. For example, if today you make fried rice, you can make sautéed vegetables with egg, tofu and tempeh for other days.

2. Restrict the Internet Access

For those who cannot live without their smartphones, this is definitely big problem. Most people does not aware if their activities, surfing in social media, playing games or even watching YouTube drain its internet quota. Limit your internet usage before payday comes or you can simply find free Wi-Fi.

3. Promo

In the end of the month, even smallest amount of daily expenses make people worry. You can take the advantage of promo and discount offered by any merchants related to your needs. For example, you can pay ojek online (motorcycle taxi) with a bunch of promo they offered. This also applies if you want to shop in any offline stores. They usually offer discounts for certain products, make sure to buy things you need.

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