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Make Your Home Spaces Beautiful with Indoor Plants from Shop with Sky

By Eskanisa R

12 March 2020

Shop with Sky offering quality indoor and outdoor plants.

If you are a plant enthusiast, indoor plants pointedly, you will definitely happy when visiting Shop with Sky. Shop with Sky or PT. TANAM SUKA CITA which has sold various indoor and outdoor plants since 2016 ensures their products and services make your home and your business spots more beautiful as well as bring a lot of happiness.


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Begin with good idea to introduce indoor and outdoor plants which are usually placed in corners of the home for example living rooms, dining room, kitchen, bedroom and garden which have a lot of benefits to clean the air, Shop with Sky also offering decorative services for offices, cafes, and restaurants, plant rental, and care services you can purchased both online and offline.


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One of most popular indoor plants among plant enthusiasts is Monstera deliciosa costs for Rp350.000 per pot. Besides bring you joy by enduring way to add a touch of green to your spaces, Monstera also bring fresh oxygen.


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There is also Heart-leaf philodendron to cleanse indoor air while beautifying your spaces. Shop with Sky also offering various pots, media, and quality fertilizers at affordable prices start from Rp10.000. Are you curious? Come and visit Shop with Sky new outlet at Kahfi One 9J, Jagakarsa, South Jakarta.

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