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Marketing Strategies for Online Business to Earn More Money

By Eskanisa R

07 May 2019

Follow these steps to earn more money for your business.

Who does not want people know your business? Speaking about online business, to reach maximum engagement of social media users as well as your prospective buyers, you need to set right strategies. The main goal is make your business known online and earn more money. These following steps considered as effective marketing strategies for your online business.

1. Write a Good Caption

You do not need to make a long, boring, unattractive sentences. Write a short and clear one. Make sure your captions make prospective buyers interested and willing to buy your products. Use persuasive sentences, you can even write question to make your buyers leave some comments. It also helps gain the engagement.

2. Use Hashtag

Make your photo or video of the products gone viral with right hashtag. Use hashtag related to your products, for example #business #onlinebusiness #entrepreneurship and so on.

3. Uploading Time

Specific time considered as the right one to upload your product photos or videos are lunch time, 11.30 am to 1 pm and 8 pm to 10 pm. People tend to scrolling their social media, such as Instagram, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter in both time during lunch. It also applied for people after work and before going to bed, they tend to pay more attention to any content on social medias. In both hours, the traffic of social media users higher than other hours.

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