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A Hard to Resist Snack

A Hard to Resist Snack

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Martabak (Indonesian pancake), is one of the most favorite snacks in Indonesia. Martabak has two flavors, which are sweet and savory. At the beginning, sweet martabak only consists of chocolate and cheese only. Meanwhile, savory martabak is made with egg, beef, diced vegetables, completed with special sauce and pickles.

As time goes by, martabak also evolved. Just like Martabak Boss. Martabak Boss already has several outlets on Menteng, Tebet, Tomang, Panglima Polim, Gunawarman, and Bintaro. Here you can find various flavors of martabak. Not only chocolate and cheese, you can also find other flavors of sweet martabak, such as Toblerone, Nutella, Green Tea, Skippy, and Ovomaltine. You can also mix it with cheese or peanut, depends on how you want it. But you don’t have to worry because Martabak Boss also has the usual sweet original taste of martabak, which have chocolate sprinkles with cheese or peanut.

Meanwhile for the savory one, there are also several choices such as Martabak Daging Gokil, Martabak Tuna Bule, and Martabak Kornet Curry. The taste is also as good as the sweet ones. Even the price is a bit high, but it will be worth it! One more, this martabak also has delivery service. So if you are too lazy to go outside, just call the number written on the info and contact detail below. Once you try, it will be hard to resist.