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Marvel will Release the First Comic of Ultraman this September

By Isny Dewi R

29 July 2020

Marvel will release The Rise of Ultraman # 1 comic this September.

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Marvel Comics recently shared the initial picture of Ultraman's first comic in collaboration with Tsuburaya Productions through Marvel official website. The picture is in the form of a cover along with the opening page of the comic titled The Rise of Ultraman # 1. In addition, Marvel also announced that the comic will be released on 9 September.
“Across the globe, Ultraman is as iconic and well-recognized a character as Spider-Man or Iron Man, so when the opportunity arose for us to introduce his mythos to a new generation, as seen through the Marvel lens, we didn’t take that responsibility lightly,” Marvel Executive Editor Tom Brevoort said in a statement.
“For fans of the classic 1966 series, there’ll be plenty of Easter eggs that you’ll recognize. But for those who’ve never experienced an Ultraman story before, this series will start at square one – launching an epic showdown fit for the modern age,” he continued, quoted from ComicBook.
In this comic, Marvel brings together storytelling masters Kyle Higgins (Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, Winter Soldier), and Mat Groom (Self / Made); together with superstar artists Francesco Manna (Avengers, Fantastic Four), Michael Cho (Captain America), and Gurihiru (The Unstoppable Wasp) to reimagine the thrilling beginnings of the Ultraman phenomenon.
"With release of Marvel’s The Rise of Ultraman series, Tsuburaya Productions and our partners at Marvel Comics are taking Ultraman a massive step forward onto the global stage," Tsuburaya CEO, Takayuki Tsukagoshi said.
He added that Marvel’s rendering of the Ultraman story has been faithfully created with the highest level of respect, quality and creativity resulting in a storyline that expands the Ultraman universe.
The Ultraman character first appeared in July 1966 through a television series. The character was told is a human who came from another planet. He comes to the Earth to hunt a monster named Bemular. Using special things, Ultraman can transform himself into a giant for three minutes.
When he becomes an Ultraman, he wear a silver costume with a few red lines. On Ultraman's chest there’s a small light that would blink and sound to indicate that his three-minute duration as a giant will be exhausted.
The Ultraman character itself has become part of Japanese pop culture and continues to develop from time to time.

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