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Triangle Mosque Designed by Ridwan Kamil

By Isny Dewi R

22 Mar 2019

Masjid Jami'e Darussalam has a trianngle roof.

All this time we often see mosque rooftop in the form of a dome, but not with Jami'e Darussalam Mosque. The roof of this mosque is triangle. No wonder local communities often call it the Triangle Mosque. The Jami'e Darussalam Mosque was apparently designed by Ridwan Kamil, when he was an architect with Urbane, the architectural bureau he founded with his colleagues. The mosque is in the middle of a densely populated settlement on Jalan Kotabumi Ujung, in Kebon Melati, Central Jakarta, not far from UOB Plaza.

The Triangle Mosque is a rolling exchange, a mosque that is transferred from one waqf area to another waqf area. Jami'e Darussalam Mosque was originally located on waqf area on Jalan Kotabumi, only 50 meters behind UOB Plaza. However, the mosque was besieged by a private company area and included in the development project map. Finally, the company obtained permission from Ministry of Religious Affairs to exchange the mosque to a wider area on Jalan Kota Bumi Ujung, not far from its original location.

The main hall of the mosque is at the top of a triangular shape, complete with pulpit and walls decorated with calligraphy. Initially the existence of this mosque was rejected by the local communities because its shape triangle was considered more like a church than a mosque. However, after Kang Emil, Ridwan Kamil’s nick name and several mosque administrators gave some explanations, they slowly began to accept and be willing to use Jami'e Darussalam Mosque.

For daily operational costs, the Triangle Mosque relies on productive waqf system, as well as financial assistance from companies around the mosque. The mosque also has a functional room that can be rented for various events.


Masjid Jami'e Darussalam
Jl. Kotabumi Ujung No.23, RT.8, Kb. Melati, Tanah Abang, Kota Jakarta Pusat

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