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Oil & Gas Company from Indonesia

Oil & Gas Company from Indonesia

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At the beginning, Medco Energi Internasional Tbk was only a gas and oil company from Indonesia. This company was founded by Arifin Panigoro in 1980. This energy company is also known with the name of MedcoEnergi. Now, the company’s business activities are including oil and gas exploration, production, drilling and rig service, gas pipe development, and also coal mining. In 2008, Medco started to enter another field to gas pipe and compression station on Mt. Megang, South Sumatera. This facility is used to transport gas which produced by MedcoEnergi from natural gas mining at Singa Lematang. This 17,5 km long pipe was built to connect Mt. Megang to Singa Lematang.

In 2009, MedcoEnergi started their business in coal mining. For the coal business, MedcoEnergi got their mining products from PT Duta Tambang Sumber Alam (DTSA) and Duta Tambang Rekayasa (DTR). These subsidiaries have mining license in Nunukan, North Kalimantan. The coal mining in Nunukan can produce calorific c-value with high numbers until it can reaches 6.800 kilocalorie up to the air. This company has targeted its production up to 600.000 metric tons per year, with early production built on the 4th quarter in 2012. In October 2012, Medco succeeded on selling its coal mining to China. Meanwhile in 2013, Medco sold their production up to 630.000 tons. The result exceeded 5% from the determined target, with the total sales of 525.342 tons with average selling price of $81.8 per ton. Now, MedcoEnergi keeps spreading their wings and becomes one of the giant companies in Indonesia.


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