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Meet Up for Indonesian iPhoneography

Meet Up for Indonesian iPhoneography


iPhoneography is a photography technique using iPhone, the well-known smartphone from Apple. The fame of this photography technique has already spread throughout the world, not an exception for Indonesia. That’s why there’s iPhonesia Community in which came in the year of 2010.

First, this community came up with Twitter hashtag made by Aries Lukman Tasmin. Turned out, a lot of people were attracted to this hashtag, and a mailing list was made. Then, it’s followed with a member gathering with same interest.

The purpose of this community is to be a space for iPhoneography lovers to meet up so they can create an amateur photographic work. Because of the high enthusiasm from people, iPhonesia is not only on Jakarta, but also in Bandung and Yogyakarta.

The community activity is not only for discussing and having seminars, but also for photography competition. It’s so easy to be a member of iPhoneography. Just fill in the registration form which you can find on www.iphonesia.com, then join the mailing list: iphonesia@yahoogroups.com by sending an email without any words to iphonesia-subscribe@yahoogroups.com.

The existence of iPhonesia is already a well-known in public because it’s trusted to bring Indonesia’s name to the world with the members’ creation. And yes, that’s what iPhonesia wants which is to make its name goes international.