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Melati Bakehouse Serves Homemade Pastry in Homey Ambience

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18, November 2019

Want to hangout or just have a me time at a cafe with homey atmosphere while enjoying delicious croissants? Then you must visit Melati Bakehouse. Located at Thamrin Executive Residence in Central Jakarta, this cafe has been established since 2016. The word Melati itself is taken from the name of the location of this cafe, which is in Kebon Melati area.

The owner, Harina Bahar was inspired by a bakery in England that presents a homey atmosphere. That’s also what you will find when you visit this pastry cafe. The interior is designed in contemporary and classic style, and even looks like a living room in your own home. The atmosphere also feels warm and intimate. This tiny cafe increasingly looks unique with many trinkets and other cute decorations.

As a bakery, Melati Bakehouse carefully looks for and strictly chooses ingredients to produce the highest quality and healthier baked goods. Yes, this bakery does offer homemade pastry. In addition to selling baked goods in its own café, Melati Bakehouse is also a pastry supplier to several other cafes.

Photo Credit: Instagram @melatibakehouse

A visit to Melati Bakehouse is not complete if you haven't tasted their croissants. There are many variants of croissants to choose from such as Butter Croissants, Almond Croissants, Choco Monkey, Cheese Fondue Croissants, to Shredded Croissants. The price per piece ranges from Rp 11 thousand to Rp 25 thousand. Besides croissants, you can also taste their pies and sandwiches.

Besides at Thamrin Executive Residence, you can also find Melati Bakehouse at Lebak Bulus MRT station. So, are you nterested in visiting and trying croissant made by Melati Bakehouse?

Website: www.melatibakehouse.com

Top Photo Credit: Instagram @melatibakehouse

Isny Dewi R.
Isny Dewi R.