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Relax from the Daily Stress at ARTOZ Bar with the Best Whisky

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11, September 2019

Opened five years ago, ARTOZ Bar became one of the bars in Jakarta that you should visit to unwind after work. ARTOZ is located in the prestigious business center of Jakarta, precisely on the 2nd floor of the Energy Building, SCBD, South Jakarta. The bar that carries the gentlemen's club concept offers a more private hangout spot.

ARTOZ Bar is perfect for those who want to entertain their business partners or hangout with close friends while accompanied by a very tempting choice of whisky. Besides being known as a whiskey bar, ARTOZ also offers a large selection of cognacs, and other variants in similar drinks. You could say, ARTOZ Bar has a complete selection of whiskey and cognac in Jakarta.

Besides providing hundred types of whiskey, armagnac, rum, tequila, gin, vodka, cocktail and cognac, the bar at SCBD also serves appetizing dishes. ARTOZ offers western food dominated by light meals, but still serves several heavy meals.

For whiskey fans, here you should try Macallan Smoky Penicillin. This drink uses Macallan Whiskey mixed with honey and lemon, making it taste fresher. To accompany Macallan Smoky Penicillin, don't forget to order Grilled Marinated Tokusen Wagyu.

Photo Source: Instagram @artoz_bar

Another highly recommended drink is Ernest Hemingway cocktail which uses Tariquet Armagnac mixed with egg white, lemon, angosturra bitter, rosemarry and kaffir lime. It tastes no less fresh than Macallan Smoky Penicillin, but softer. The perfect food for this drink is Crispy US Pork Belly Lardons with a special homemade barbecue sauce.

This Whiskey bar in Jakarta has a warm and cozy atmosphere with dim lighting, wood panels and quite relaxing playlist. ARTOZ's interior carries the concept of a classic saloon bar, which targets young executives. From Monday to Saturday, this bar also offers jazz performances that will make your evening more memorable.


Top Photo Source: Instagram @rahid4rt

Isny Dewi R.
Isny Dewi R.