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Mie Aceh Samudra Pasee, Truly Delicious Curry Noodles!

By Eskanisa R

27 January 2020

Taste deliciousness of curry noodles at Mie Aceh Samudra Pasee.

Aceh which also known with the name of ‘Serambi Makkah’ surely has diversity in its culinary. While, it is not difficult to find the delightful of its authentic culinary in other cities like South Tangerang.

In Rempoa, East Ciputat, you can find modest spot known for its delicious mie Aceh (curry noodles). If by any chance you are passing by Rempoa – Ciputat, do not hesitate to visit Mie Aceh Samudra Pasee (Mie Aceh Seafood) to taste authentic mie Aceh at affordable prices.

They have quite complete dishes of mie Aceh, from Mie Aceh Goreng (fried), Mie Aceh Tumis (stir-fried), Mie Aceh Rebus (boiled), Mie Aceh with Squid, Mie Aceh with Shirmp, Mie Aceh Daging Sapi (beef) to the Mie Aceh Seafood which also available in three different options, fried, stir-fried, and boiled.


photo source: CheckInJakarta.doc

Check In Jakarta chose Mie Aceh Seafood for Rp35.000 per portion. When it comes to the table, you probably amazed by the abundance portion. A portion of Mie Aceh Seafood surely looks so appetizing with red colour of its curry with very strong spices and herbs aroma.

Spicy, salty, and savoury flavours blend perfectly with chewy yet tender texture of its noodles. Topped with large chunks of beef, shrimp, and squid make each bite tastier. As the complement to the complexity of the flavours, you need to add some pickled shallots and green cayenne.

If you feel full yet, you can order plain cane and dip it into remain curry sauce which only costs for Rp8.000. But, if you feel full enough, you can order cane with milk and cheese for Rp10.000 for delectable ‘dessert’ to accompany your glass of warm tea.

Along with noodles and cane bread, you can also taste various fried rice and martabak (folded omelette pancake) from Rp13.000 per portion. Mie Aceh Samudra Pasee (Mie Aceh Seafood) open every day except Thursday from 11am to 12am in midnight, so if you are curious to taste this Indonesian curry noodles, you can stop by right after work while waiting for the traffic to disappear.

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Mie Aceh Samudra Pasee (Mie Aceh Seafood)
Jalan Pahlawan No. 93, Rempoa, Ciputat Timur, Tangerang Selatan 15412

Open Hours:

11.00 - 00.00 WIB

More Information:

Phone: 085310830934