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Millennial Can Submit a Home loan Through This App

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30, December 2019

For millennials who want to take Home Loans (KPR), now you don’t need to be complicated anymore, because now you can apply for a home loan through a mobile app. Not long ago, Bank BTN launched a special app for millennials who want to apply for home loan. The app is named BTN Properti Mobile.

This app provides various technology-based conveniences for tech-savvy millennials. You can take advantage of features on BTN Properti Mobile, such as 4D Tour Services feature that allows you to see housing units without having to come to the location.

There is also credit application tracking feature in real time, where you can find out status of your credit application. Through this app, this state-owned bank also offers booking / fee payment facilities. With BTN Properti Mobile, you can also see condition of public facilities around housing units.

Apart from the mobile app, you can also apply for a home loan online through website. From this site, prospective debtor can choose housing with BTN KPR facilities, amounting to 507,445 units of property, owned by about 1,800 developers. Bank BTN is targeting this app to increase the distribution of home loan to Rp 11 trillion in 2020.

Top Image Source: Instagram @bankbtn

Isny Dewi R.
Isny Dewi R.