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Miniso Invasion in Indonesia

Miniso Invasion in Indonesia


You might be familiar with this Japanese store, Miniso. Miniso is a Japan brand was co-founded by Japanese designer, Mr. Miyake Junya and Chinese young entrepreneur, Mr. Ye Guofu.

Sticking to the philosophy “simplicity, nature and good quality”, the brand gains popularity among consumers in Indonesia. It can be seen from five different stores in several malls, Mall Artha Gading, Lippo Mall Puri, Lippo Supermall Karawaci, Mall Taman Anggrek and Margo City Depok.

Established since 2013, Miniso has opened over 1000 stores in less than three years. With creativity and quality features as well as competitive price, Miniso earning love from the consumers. 80% of the design is from Japan, Korea, Sweden, Denmark, Singapore, Malaysia and China, it strives to provide happy lifestyles when shopping.