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Mistercutts Barbershop Where Suitable Haircuts You’re Looking For

By Eskanisa R

16 January 2018

Mistercutts Barbershop offers premium quality service at a reasonable price.

Be happy to stay or even work in Bintaro area, because if you need barbershop to get your haircut, there is Mistercutts Barbershop. Located in Bintaro Sektor V, Mistercutts Barbershop was established in 2014. It becomes your perfect place to achieving suitable haircut. Barbershop has been rising in popularity for quite some time now, Mistercutts Barbershop got their second branch in Lebak Bulus, South Jakarta.

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Mistercutts Barbershop provides a real antique elements as well as contemporary and trendy hair styles. You also can enjoy anther services, like shampoo, necktrim, special haircut package and hair tattoo start from Rp15.000. It also serves kids haircuts. No doubt about the quality, professional capster gives you rejuvenating shoulder and neck massage to relax your muscles. Lastly, they give you a new fresh haircuts.

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You can also buy high quality pomade worth for Rp100.000 to Rp300.000. If you’re lucky enough, you can meet your favourite singer like Ari Lasso and Andi /rif while get haircut.

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Mistercutts Barbershop
Jl. Bintaro Utama V, Sektor V, Tangerang Selatan

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Phone: 081385578388