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Mobiskin – The Newest Solution from 3M

Mobiskin – The Newest Solution from 3M


Mobile phone is a telecommunication device that almost everybody has. Its accessories varied from phone case and others. For those of you who are not very fond of phone accessories, now you can protect your phone’s whole body in a simple way with Mobiskin. What is Mobiskin? Mobiskin is the newest product from 3M.

It protects your whole phone physically and in detail. Starting from the front side, the rear side, and every corner of your mobile phone. With that, your mobile phone will be protected thoroughly from scratching with other stuff in your bag or pocket. Mobiskin is 3M’s first product for protecting mobile phones.

On September 11, 2015, Wellcomm Shop introduced this newest product from 3M. For now, Wellcomm Shop is the first distributor that sells Mobiskin 3M on the market. You can now go to the nearest Wellcomm Shop to get this product. Let’s protect your mobile phone with Mobiskin!