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Mochi Skin: The Latest Beauty Trend and How to Achieve It

By Eskanisa R

20 January 2021

Latest trend inspired by the look of traditional Japanese dessert.

Photo source: gettyimages

In recent years, most beauty enthusiasts may be familiar with the famous terms of honey and glass skin. Honey skin used to describe hydrated, dewy, and plumped skin with nourishment, while glass skin used to descrive poreless and luminous skin look like a piece of glass.
In this new year, mochi skin ready to set the bar when it comes to new beauty trend. As the name implies, mochi skin used to describe hydrated, supple, soft and pillowy just like baby skin. At first glance, mochi skin is the new glass skin, but it’s all about shine-free luminosity.
Then, how to achieve mochi skin? Inspired by the simple Japanese skin care routine, the main key to mochi skin is hydration, hence you can start with double cleansing. Double cleansing involves two different cleansers, first usually an oil-based, milk-based cleanser or micellar water and followed up with gentle face wash to removes slight residue.
To keep you skin damp, use a toner, water-based one is highly recommended. After toner, should be serum and moisturizer to provide much-needed hydration for soft and supple skin. To ensure all products absorb on its own, patting all over your face and gently pressing.
Facial oils is a great way to boost moisture, if your face feels tight. Last but not least important is wearing sunscreen. You still need to wear sunscreen every day even sitting and working at home. It simply because ultraviolet cause major damage to the skin including reduce its elasticity. 

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