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Momoiro Serves Pillow Cake with Many Flavor Choices

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24, January 2019

Are you a fan of cake and pastry? Then you should try Momoiro’s pillow cake. Pillow cake was previously popular in East Asian countries such as Korea, Japan and Taiwan. The dessert counter offers very soft and sweet pillow cake.

Although pillow cake is already very popular in Korea, Japan and Taiwan, Momoiro's pillow cake is different from other pillow cakes. Aside its thick and soft texture, in some variants it also has a slightly crunchy texture when bitten. Momoiros’s pillow cake measures 14x20 cm with a thickness about 5-7 cm with many flavour choices.

Momo (Rp. 66,000) is an original variant with vanilla custard filling. There is also a pandan variant (Rp. 66,000) with kaya filling. Chizu (Rp 71.500) with red cheddar and cheese sauce and parmesan cheese as the topping. The unique Ahiru, salted egg yolk pillow cake with double layer creamy salted egg yolk. Matcha, green tea pillow cake with green tea sauce and bubble pearls. Kohi (Rp 71.500), coffee pillow cake with chocolate sauce and walnut crumbles topping. Dipudaku (Rp 71.500), double chocolate pillow cake with chocolate ganache and dusted with dutch cocoa powder. Napoleon, chocolate vanilla cake with pastry sprinkles. And Ube, purple sweet potato cake with purple sweet potato filling.

Momoiro also ensures that their homemade pillow cake is freshly baked every day without preservatives. To make the cake inflate perfectly, they only use fresh eggs. The baking cake is also done for 1.5 hours to get the best cake texture that suit to the standard pillow cake. Therefore, this cake is better to eat directly on the same day when you buy it. Even so, Momoiro’s pillow cake can still last for three days if stored in refrigerator.

Momoiro's first outlet was in Kota Kasablanka, but now has branches in various places in Jakarta such as Mall Kelapa Gading, Pondok Indah Mall 2, Lippo Mall Puri, Pluit Village and more.


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Isny Dewi R.
Isny Dewi R.