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Heaven for Every Chocolate Lovers

Heaven for Every Chocolate Lovers

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Lowering heart disease risk, anti-depressant and deal with the early signs of aging, chocolate has a large number of health benefits. Not surprisingly, snacks made by chocolate is rising the roof, like this one, MOREAU Chocolatier’s Café. Not-so-new café in Kemang area came from Dubai. Its owner is Syrian. In Jakarta, it marketed with new brand, but offering same dishes, chocolate.  

For maximum comfort, this café using yellow and brown color in every corner they had. Besides the unique interior design, there is also three big fondue machines. Each of fondue machine consist of real dark, milk and white chocolate imported from Belgium.

Speaking about its concept, MOREAU offering combination dessert with real Belgian chocolate. Crepe, waffle, brownies, lava cake, ice cream and chocolate fondue set only using real Belgian chocolate, preservatives free. Feeling confused? Try their best seller menu, Fruity Crepe starts from Rp85.000 for small size to Rp115.000 for regular size as your perfect afternoon companion.

Their menu looks so pleasurable because it served with beautiful plating just like this crepe. Right down the crepe, there is many tropical fruits, such as strawberry, pineapple, banana and kiwi. While the crepe skin followed with drizzling three different chocolates, dark, milk and white chocolate. This fan-liked crepe has a soft texture and sweet flavor.

You also should not miss their fondant worth for Rp58.000. It has same tasty flavor with Fruity Crepes, and perfect for your Instagram feeds with fluffy display. Served with a scoop creamy ice cream, Fondant looks more appealing, especially when you cut right in the middle and let every inch chocolate dripping by the plate. Perfect!

To complete sweet palette of Fruity Crepes, Caramel Macchiato for Rp45.000 or MOREAU Hot Chocolate for Rp55.000, both becomes ideal choice because served in a beautiful plating.



Jl.Kemang Raya No. 93 A, Kemang, Jakarta Selatan 12730



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