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Most Awaited Horror Movies of 2019

By Eskanisa R

14 March 2019

Most awaited horror movies of 2019 you should not miss.

Going to middle of 2019, there are horror movies come out you should not miss, including these following three.

1. The Curse of La Llorona

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Brilliant moviemaker behind the successful of The Conjuring and Insidious Universe, James Wan, showing his ability to make horror movie enthusiasts shivering. Through The Curse of La Llorona, collaboration James Wan with Michael Chaves, bring horror enthusiasts back to 70s era. La Llorona is Mexican legend, before she died, she threw her children into the river then killed herself. What can people do to avoid La Llorona? Watch complete story on April, 19th 2019.

2. Scary Story to Tell in the Dark

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Name of Guillermo Del Toro as horror moviemakers is quite familiar among horror enthusiasts. After the successful of Crimson Peak in 2015, Del Toro presenting gripping movie based on urban legend. Working with director of The Autopsy of Jane Doe, Andre Ovredal, Scary Story to Tell in the Dark tells about a group of curious teenagers who investigate mysterious death in their city due to mysterious creatures. What’s their fate? Will they survive from terror of those mysterious creatures? Embrace yourself to watch this movie on August, 9th 2019.

3. Pet Sematary

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Based on same title novel by Stephen King, Pet Sematary is reboot movie. Pet Sematary first screened in 1989. This movie you can watch on April, 5th 2019, tells story about Dr. Louis Creed moved to rural city, Maine with his wife and children. They living to an old man next door. Since then, his family always in problems including death of one of his daughter. Wait for the day for the rest story!


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