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Most Delicious Legendary Meatballs in Bintaro

By Eskanisa R

24 February 2020

Pondok Bakso "Pak Joko" most delicious legendary meatballs since 1970 in Bintaro.

It seems like most people agree that bakso or meatballs become one of favorite dishes specifically during these rainy days. It simply because in a bowl of your favorite bakso, you can taste chewy yet tender texture of bakso with delicious yet warm soup.

Not surprisingly, in every corner of Jakarta, you can easily spot bakso from roadside carts to stalls even outlets in malls. Then, Pondok Bakso “Pak Joko” can be your ideal choice to enjoy a bowl of special bakso since 1970s.

Modest outlet located at Jalan Bintaro Raya Selatan Blok S4 No. 1, Sektor 2, Bintaro, serving bakso with the exact, same taste since 1970s. Pondok Bakso “Pak Joko” successfully becomes one of outlets for bakso which loved by many food enthusiasts. If you come here at the lunch or dinner time, you probably spot people are lining up.

There are Bakso Campur Spesial with bakso urat and bakso halus, Bakso Urat, Bakso Isi Daging with minced beef, Bakso Daging Halus, Bakso dan Tahu (meatballs and tofu) also Bakso Iga (meatballs and ribs) as their best seller.

Check In Jakarta had the opportunity to taste deliciousness of Bakso Isi Daging which costs for only Rp29.000 per bowl. All meatballs here served with thick, savoury broth made of beef. Pondok Bakso “Pak Joko” also known for its chewy yet tender texture.

As the name implies, Bakso Isi Daging is a big meatball divided into six pieces served in a big white bowl. Every single piece has piles of minced beef which has chewy yet tender texture you can enjoy less than ten chewing before swallowed. It is definitely full of minced beef. If there is a tetelan (fat cow), it is only one or two pieces. Looks so tempting, right?

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Pondok Bakso "Pak Joko"
Jl. Bintaro Raya Selatan Blok S4 No. 1, Bintaro Sektor 2

Open Hours:

08.00 – 21.00 WIB

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Phone: 08961836389