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Most Famous Indonesian Foods You Should Eat

By Eskanisa R

08 June 2020

These amazingly delicious Indonesian dishes are quite popular abroad.

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Delicacy of Indonesian foods not only leave Indonesian people tongues salivating for more but also people abroad. These are the list of top five Indonesian foods with great popularity overseas.

1. Tempe
This soy-based food rich in protein has always been popular in Japan. Tempeh is a versatile ingredient which can be easily processed into various menus. It can be fried simply mixed with vegetables to make healthy diet food even used as a meat substitute. The distinctive, nutty yet unique taste of tempeh shine in their own.

2. Fried Rice
Indonesian fried rice with diverse spices successfully conquer tongues people abroad. The key lies in the complete seasoning which making it a perfect choice for breakfast, lunch even dinner. Shallots, garlic, shrimp paste to other Indonesian spices create a perfect combination of a handful of distinct flavours from other form of fried rice.

3. Satay
In Indonesia, satay itself are grouped based on name of origin places and main ingredients, such as Sate Padang, Sate Solo, Sate Madura, Sate Blora and so forth. Typical serving way using wood or bamboo skewers as well as the peanut sauce make this traditional food popular abroad, either using chicken as main ingredient or beef and lamb. Hence, former President of United States, Barack Obama chose satay as one of his favourite Indonesian foods.

4. Gado-gado
Food we can easily find on the roadside to the restaurant also known as Indonesian salad. Gado-gado refers to various boiled vegetables including spinach, water spinach, cabbage, long beans, bean sprouts, tofu, tempeh and boiled eggs as additional toppings served with sticky yet savoury peanut sauce which make this food distinct with the other kind of salad. This one could be best choice for healthy diet menu to make you full longer and manage your weight.

5. Rendang
Not without great reason this special Minang dish named as the most delicious food in the world, twice, by CNN. Combination of great spices including shallots, garlic, ginger, galangal, turmeric leaves, orange leaves also red chili create amazingly delicious taste. It really takes a long time to make authentic rendang to give tender beef texture, delicious taste, and pleasant aroma in every single bite of it.  

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