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Most Favorite Menus at Taco Bell Indonesia

By Isny Dewi R

07 January 2021

Several Taco Bell favorite menus that you should try if this is your first time visiting this restaurant.

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American fast food restaurant, Taco Bell has officially opened its branch in Indonesia since December 2020. Jakarta was also chosen as the location for the first Taco Bell Indonesia outlet, precisely located on Jl. Senopati No.96, in South Jakarta.
The restaurant, which has been around since 1962, is known for its delicious Mexican specialties, such as tacos, burritos, quesadillas, and others. There are several Taco Bell favorite menus that you should try if this is your first time visiting this restaurant. What are those?
1. Tacos Supreme
Tacos Supreme for the combo package is priced at around Rp 81 thousand. This menu consists of two beef Tacos Supreme with crunchy texture, nachos chips, and one cola that can be refilled as much as you like for free.
The filling is quite much, there are tomato slices, fresh lettuce, hot sauce and sour cream, spiced ground beef, and cheddar cheese on top. At the first bite, the Tacos Supreme already tastes so good. It tastes crunchy on the tortilla with typical corn flavor.
All the flavors combine nicely and taste right on the tongue. The sour cream gives delicious tart taste, while the spiced ground beef is savory, while the lettuce and tomatoes inside give it a fresh taste.
2. Chicken Quesadilla
With a price of around Rp. 68 thousand, you can taste the delicious Chicken Quesadilla for the combo package. This menu is served with french fries and cola drinks that can be refilled for free.
Made from soft tortillas, Chicken Quessadilla contains abundant melted cheese, minced chicken, and Mexican spices. The dish is predominantly savory and slightly sour in taste, but tastes right in the mouth. Especially when eaten with french fries, the taste is even better.
The Chicken Quesadilla combo package consists of four pieces, making it perfect for sharing menu with friends or family.
3. Grilled Stuff Burrito
You should also try this one menu, Grilled Stuff Burrito which sells for Rp 36 thousand. This tortilla bread is equipped with solid filling of minced chicken, lettuce, tomato, and special burrito sauce. It is so dense, even when you cut it, the burrito stuff spilled out.
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4. Naked Chicken Taco
This one menu is made made entirely out of crispy chicken. The taco shell is made made from boldly marinated crispy chicken and filled with creamy ranch sauce, fresh lettuce, diced tomatoes and topped with cheddar cheese.

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