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MUFFEST 2019 is Back and Target Rp 45 Billion of Transactions

By Eskanisa R

02 May 2019

MUFFEST 2019 officially opened by Minister of Industry of the Republic of Indonesia.

Muslim Fashion Festival Indonesia (MUFFEST) 2019 with theme of ‘Singularity’ officially opened by Minister of Industry of the Republic of Indonesia, Airlangga Hartanto on Wednesday, May 1st at Assembly Hall, Jakarta Convention Center (JCC).

Since 2016, Indonesian Fashion Chamber (IFC) collaborated with Dyandra Promosindo as organizer, consistently held MUFFEST with the improvement of their quality in order to strengthen the competency of Muslim fashion products made in Indonesia to be able to reach and compete global market. It becomes one line with their target, make Indonesia as barometer of Muslim fashion worldwide.

“We can achieve and develop industry of Muslim fashion in Indonesia, together. It also requires contributions of a lot of parties. Through MUFFEST, we expecting for all parties and stakeholders integrated one another in synergic coordinations to strengthen Muslim fashion industry and make Indonesia as center of global Muslim fashion.” said Ali Charisma, National Chairman of Indonesian Fashion Chamber (IFC). In the fourth year, they expecting greater number of visitors and transaction values from previous year. They targeted 55,000 visitors and Rp 45 billion of transaction values in MUFFEST 2019.

MUFFEST 2019 providing retail or B2C (Business to Customer) purchasing as well as B2B (Business to Business) through a series of fashion shows to show diversity of Muslim fashion trends in Indonesia based on Indonesia Trend Forecasting (Muslim Fashion Trend) 2019/2020 and other exciting agendas, including fashion presentations, talk shows and seminars.

Photo Source: Check In Jakarta doc.

Minister of Industry of the Republic of Indonesia, Airlangga Hartanto said in the opening of MUFFEST 2019 that Indonesia has great opportunity to show the ability in global fashion industry. Moreover, along with United Arab Emirates, Indonesia is a runner-up for developing best Muslim fashion in the world. Mr. Hartanto adding, “Through this event, hopefully Muslim fashion industry in Indonesia can grow well and Indonesia ready to become one of world’s Muslim fashion center.”

Opening Ceremony of MUFFEST 2019 also enlivened with a fashion shows by Indonesia Muslim fashion designers, such as NU Vocational High School, Banat Kudus by Djarum Foundation, Noore Muslim Sportwear, Lania Rakhmawati, Irmaintan and Lisa Fitria. MUFFEST 2019 is held from 1 - 4 May 2019, at Jakarta Convention Center (JCC) in Central Jakarta.

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