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Mural Persahabatan Decorates Kendal Tunnel

By Isny Dewi R

01 August 2019

Kendal Tunnel is now decorated by Mural Persahabatan.

Kendal Tunnel is now more and more crowded with the presence of new murals. The wall along the tunnel is beautified by unique and interesting murals. From @dkijakarta Instagram, the mural is known as the Friendship Mural (Mural Persahabatan), a celebration of 25 years of relation between Jakarta and Berlin as Sister City.

A number of artists are involved in making Mural Persahabatan. Including Darbotz from Jakarta and Snyder from Berlin, and also the Jakarta Arts Council and IMural as the curators of the mural. The process itself takes place from July 23 to August 3.

Kendal Tunnel was chosen as the location for making murals is part of an effort to provides other experience for pedestrians, so that they not only move, but also can enjoy the aesthetic value while walking.

The Kendal Tunnel itself is a pedestrian route as well as Transit Oriented Development that connects a number of public transportation modes in Jakarta, such as MRT Jakarta, commuter line, Airport Railroad, and Transjakarta. The construction of this tunnel aims to optimize access to public transportation to support passenger carrying capacity and make it easier for Jakartans who want to move transportation.

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