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Muslim Fashion Festival 2019 Raises the Singularity Theme

Spectr News Theme Isny Dewi R.
04, January 2019

Muslim Fashion Festival (Muffest) Indonesia will be held again on May 2 – 5, 2019 at Assembly Hall, Jakarta Convention Center (JCC) in Central Jakarta. The event is a collaboration between Indonesian Fashion Chamber (IFC) and Diandra Promosindo. Muffest will present a trend that refers to Indonesian Trend Forecasting 2019/2020 with the big theme "Singularity".

More than 100 designers will exhibit their Muslim wear collections which are divided into four small themes, Exuberant, Neo Medieval, Svarga, and Cortex. The four themes convey each character in Muslim wear. Svarga, for example, presents a more ethnic dress style, Neo Medieval features bold and braver styles, Cortex presents young-style clothing, while Exuberant leads to a more elegant and established style.

However, overall the Muffest 2019 concept will lead to Cortex or artificial intelligent. Because Muffest wants in the future the event will be dominated by young designers. They need to be directed to be more mature so that their works can be exported. Aside, these young designers also need an injection of enthusiasm to be more productive in their work.

Some of activities that will be held at Muffest 2019 including talk show, fashion presentation, photo contest, vlogger competition, influencer gathering, to competitions such as Catch Your Style, Next Face Muffest 2019, and Modest Young Designer Competition (MYDC) 2019.


Website: http://muslimfashionfestival.com
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Isny Dewi R.
Isny Dewi R.