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Must Subscribe Channels for Conspiracy and Mystery Enthusiasts

Spectr News Theme Eskanisa Ramadiani
25, April 2019

It is undeniable, YouTube successfully providing various contents you can enjoy every single time. There are music, cooking tutorials, makeup, mysteries, conspiracies and many more. Which one are you? Here are some channels you need to subscribe as soon as possible to answer all your curiosity for unsolved conspiracy and mystery cases in this world.

1. Buzzfeed Unsolved

This one not only focusing their contents on mystery cases, also a perfect one-stop destination for any conspiracy, criminal and supernatural enthusiasts. Their interactive contents are perfect ways to educate and engage the subscribers. More than 80 videos of Buzzfeed Unsolved are worth to watch. It also feels like those two hosts invited you and other 2,4 million subscribers to dig in various cases through Q&A videos.

2. Mr. Nightmare

This one is perfect choice for any horror, gore genre enthusiasts. Mr. Nightmare has more than 4 million subscribers with more than 150 horror videos. You should not miss their most recommended videos to watch, 10 Terrifying True Scary Stories. Until now, they already made 7 part of it and each video ready to pump your adrenaline.

3. Real Stories

This one is quite different from two previous channels. Real Stories is the compelling documentaries focused on hundreds of criminal, scandal, medical, military cases which still become a big mystery until now. Providing more conventional format, just like news shows on television, Real Stories even bring trusted sources. Real Stories has more than 600 videos ready to spoil their 2 million subscribers and you.


Eskanisa Ramadiani
Eskanisa Ramadiani